Sleep Bitch!!! Sleep!

  • ramyel June 23, 2005

    guy next next time use the old horse kick in the balls that will make him stop

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  • archemedes_rex June 23, 2005

    I'll bet the bearded guy hyperventilated and held his breath so he'd pass out on purpose.

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  • burgie June 23, 2005


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  • tetryk June 24, 2005

    next time use plastic bag and kill that stupid bastard

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  • de_stripper June 24, 2005

    if that shit happend to me i would punch that bitch in the neck

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  • rfquinn June 24, 2005

    That's called a rear-naked choke in Mixed-Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It cuts off the blood supply to the brain. Obviously, she applied it correctly. :)

    Besides the blackout, it doesn't do any harm.

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  • pernicious2mil June 24, 2005

    Ok, quinn... goto hell... how can you say "besides the blackout, it doesn't do any harm" do you REALIZE what "BLACKOUT" IS?! Lack of oxygen to the brain guy, esfixiation, so basicly what your saying is I can sit here and burn the rest of this joint and not kill any brain cells.... RIGHT

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  • rockybalboa June 24, 2005

    What I think he meant is that It does not cause long term brain damage. But as you can see with these people in the vid, it does have very bad side effects. Maybe they have videos of them choking each other and shit.

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  • jctbay June 24, 2005

    we used to get really drunk and do something like that...cept we squated down on our knees and breathed in an d out really deep 20 or so times and then stood against the wall and our 'friend' would push on our chest 'sternum' and send us away. We called it 'FLATLINING' because flatliners was somewhat popular at the time. I don't recall suffering an drain bramage from it though.

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  • rfquinn June 25, 2005

    LOL @ the keyboard warriors. People get choked out all the time in Judo/BJJ/MMA tournaments because they don't tap out quick enough. It's really not a big deal.

    "do you REALIZE what "BLACKOUT" IS?! Lack of oxygen to the brain "

    No, this is lack of blood to the brain. Two totally different things.

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  • jctbay June 28, 2005

    rfquinn medicine woman should've quit after the first post. jesus fuck you halfwit, if blood carries oxygen to all the various parts of your body, a lack of BLOOD TO THE BRAIN would also include a lack of O2 TO THE BRAIN genius. What the fuck is BJJ? is that where all the fags at karate tournaments give BJ's and Jerk each other off? how exactly do you score an event like that? do you substitute the cracker with a rice cake?

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  • gurtman23 July 13, 2005

    should have held him like that for at least 5 mins give the fucker some more brain damage

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  • bigmantall October 17, 2005

    That hold is used frequently in the OCTAGON and in most ULTIMATE FIGHTING competitions

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  • frank n. stein August 10, 2017

    Smack that bitch up!

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