You Shouldn't Play In The Elevators

Jesse U.
45,211 Views 1 decade ago
  • poppingdaisies June 24, 2005

    OMG!!!! What a way to die! Didn't anyone tell him this isn't the elevator to heaven?

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  • pernicious2mil June 24, 2005

    OK... Anyone wanna explain this to me... I just don't quite understand HOW YOU WOULD MANAGE TO GET MAULED BY A FREEKING ELEVATOR?!!?!?! I mean sure a bear, a gator hell I'd even buy getting mauled by a goat but a fucking ELEVATOR?! thats when you know its your time to go when ELEVATORS turn on you!!!!!

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  • archemedes_rex June 24, 2005

    Apparently, he never watched the first 'Mission: Impossible' movie.

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  • tetryk June 25, 2005

    yeah that's rigth... there are always some sharp spikes above the top flor... hahaha

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  • mr_todd June 25, 2005

    Very sick and abit confusing but i got the jist of it.......errm ouch maby??

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  • jwindol June 25, 2005

    That's called elevator surfing.Say the project's got six elevators side by side.You get on top of the cars and jump from one to the other as they pass.A time killer I guess,umm-hmm.

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  •   wicked_m4 June 26, 2005


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  • bluebiggs June 27, 2005

    just remember folks. witness nuthing and you will live longer.

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  • frank n. stein September 5, 2017

    He's holding it like a trophy.

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