Yep That's What He Said

Jesse U.
15,702 Views 1 decade ago
  • pernicious2mil June 25, 2005

    The only one in a short line......

  • mike8putang June 25, 2005

    bet he wouldnt want to fuck her now !! well maybe he would hes french and they fuck anything an everything

  • mr_todd June 25, 2005

    Oh dear

  • archemedes_rex June 26, 2005

    I'd fuck her, then teach her how to sing rock 'n' roll.

  • burgie June 29, 2005

    Fucking French will fuck anything! They are truely the most worthless country on the planet.

  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Haaa! That old fart has it goin' on!

  • xaykam August 31, 2005

    that was funny as hell..lmao

  • kidbri November 3, 2005

    so burgie, how many times you been to france to know so much about the country? let me guess......none. the most worthless country on the planet is america. you dont like france because they dont suck up to americans and they openly hate bush. france rules.

  • eastbrownn June 28, 2010


    fuck you and your nasty country france. You fucking cowards.

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