He bite me in my Vigina!

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Ohh my fucking god, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!! "He bite me in my vagina", that is the best fucking line I have ever heard. And the "he bite's the labrador on his penis". This lady is classic. I think the dog might need to see a doggie shrink. I would have drop-kicked that dog like a ninja on attack if that thing went for my dick. In closing, here's another classic quote "I don't want him to bite my Labrador on the penis".

  • burgie June 29, 2005

    Both the little shit dog and the non english speaking bitch should be shot.

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  • archemedes_rex July 1, 2005

    Dogs tend to act like thier owners...yeah, in this case, bugfuck batshit looney. However, same goes for the bite victim.

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  • jax1 July 1, 2005

    That woman was fucking hilarious. CRAZZZZY

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  • kenshin August 27, 2005

    I thought it might be funny if at the end when she drives off, the dog jumps and get ran over by the rear tire.

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  • lyfe353 September 1, 2005

    Man i hate dog unless its a bulldog. But man im not scared of dogs, if one gets close ill just kick em right in their ribs or nose. Its not that hard, some people run away from dogs like idiots.

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  • hatorihynzo February 17, 2006

    "He bites my labrador in his penis, I dont want to him to bite my labrador in his penis, my labrador is a baby he is beautiful"

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  • da_game December 3, 2006

    sweet that dog reminds me of me i bite vigina lol

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  • littledoo November 13, 2007


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