Chris Tucker Getting Pulled Over In Georgia For Speeding

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Hey, let him go. He was just on his way to Church...doing a buck-ten.

  • burgie June 29, 2005

    To the Georgia boys he is just another nigger breaking the law. You gotta love it.

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  • archemedes_rex July 1, 2005

    See what happens when you have a little too much melanin in your skin?! Black people get too much crap in the south!!

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  • mike8putang July 1, 2005

    he got a dwb ..driving while black....

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  • ramyel July 1, 2005

    just two crackers having fun right burgie

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  • de_stripper July 1, 2005

    How bout fuck burgie. He alwayz talkin that damn nigger shit . How bout grow up and stop acting like a fukin redneck hillbilly.Get a fuckin clue. Its alwayz the dumbass talkin that shit. hes probley been one of the dumb asses on here that do stupid shit.

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