He Thinks He's A Looney Tune

Jesse U.
9,306 Views 1 decade ago
  • scottrod July 3, 2005

    that has been tried over and over with the same results FUCKTARD

  • bionic_nugget July 3, 2005

    I love the grunts he lets out as his tailbone is driven up his spine. Uuuuhhhhh!

  • archemedes_rex July 4, 2005

    He forgot the little sign that says 'yikes'

  • smooth_beaver July 4, 2005

    that is some funny-ass shit. Love the bitch moans

  • noble172 July 4, 2005

    this fucking idiot really should have gone to class more they show you why this will not work in 5th grade science

  • winks July 4, 2005

    that never works..don't cha know....

  • ramyel July 5, 2005

    hey he did a good job! i thought he was the coyote but like always he didnt get the roadrunner!

  • deadchildpool July 8, 2005

    wadda u mean loony tune

    mor lyk merry poppins

    but she nva fell flat on her ass and crawled away

    and i bet ehr cant whistle

    and clean his room

    man i wish i could do dat

  • theegg March 13, 2009

    nO WAY

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