Soccer Fans Violent? Naw...Never

14,283 Views 1 decade ago

I have no clue where this was or even when, but these soccer players and fans really duked it out.

  • wicked_m4 July 5, 2005

    good tune

  • pernicious2mil July 5, 2005

    I actualy saw their very last proformace at Indy in AUG of 02 the night Dave Williams died... (hell at least I saw the REAL BAND)

  • ramyel July 5, 2005

    soccer players suck the fans on the other hand kick ass!!

  • andycz July 6, 2005

    it has the european stars on the stairs down so it was a european game,

  • bbeens July 7, 2005

    It was gay, But I will put the Drowning Pool CD in my truck today!!!

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