How Do Mouse Traps Work?

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Wanna see some idiot stick his finger into a mouse trap? Sure he seems smart, but looks can be deceiving, watch this idiot find out how bad a mouse trap hurts. And on another note, that's just a little trap. I got one that is about 4 times the size of that. I'd probably snap a finger in half.

  • ramyel July 6, 2005

    so what did you think it was going to do !!!???

  • wicked_m4 July 6, 2005

    This one is old as dirt, but its still funny

  • bionic_nugget July 6, 2005

    Can you say Johnny Knoxville wannabe?

  • burgie July 6, 2005


  • kimmer July 8, 2005

    Ha!! Dumbass got what he deserved! :P

  • deadchildpool July 8, 2005

    did u c how fast his face changed

    from a "oh yeah im cool"2"holy fuck get it off me!"

    but he solved 1 of lyfs gr8m mysteries

    How does a mouse trp work?


  • moonchild69 July 10, 2005

    isnt that the same idiot with the bowflex issue

  • calibaldie March 24, 2006

    Hey stupid can you do that again? What a retard.

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