Cop Tazeers Dog

Damm, I was rooting for the dog to tear off a piece of that cop's ass! And while that dog is getting taseered, his legs are fucking straight out! That's priceless!

  • bigidiot July 6, 2005

    Screw the tazer, why not just shoot the fucking dog? With that thing coming at me like that, i wouldn't have thought twice. What purpose does that dog serve other than mauling people and other dogs?

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  • ramyel July 6, 2005

    not such a bad ass dog hahaha

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  •   wicked_m4 July 6, 2005

    Yea, I agree with "Bigidiot". Dont get me wrong, I love dogs. But that ones gotta go.

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  • bionic_nugget July 6, 2005

    Exactly. That's a guard dog for the dealer's house.

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  • burgie July 6, 2005

    I love animals and I have 7 dogs and cats but I would have blown that fucking dog away.

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  • kimmer July 7, 2005


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  • rockybalboa July 8, 2005

    I just loved the way the badass doggie flipped over his back and straightened his four legs up hehehe It looked like the g.d. fainting sheeps I saw here the other day.

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  • shordii July 11, 2005

    i woulda shot da damn dog even tho i love em.. i hope that doesnt happen 2 me when im on duty

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  • calibaldie March 24, 2006

    Hey dog heard pig was for dinner, 2 then he found out it was dark meat 3 he was goind to get his.FLOOORR thats what the dog hit when that tazer stunned his azz. that was funny. no offense shordi . ok?

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