30 lbs Bowflex Bars Hurt

15,389 Views 1 decade ago

The great user submitted video just goes to show that drunk people should not be allowed near exercise equipment. That last smack must have really left a bruise!

  • burgie July 8, 2005

    Fucktards one, two and three. They are all honor grads of the fuctard school.

  • ramyel July 8, 2005

    guy ur already fucking stupied!!!

  • moonchild69 July 8, 2005

    boredom is a bitch...

  • archemedes_rex July 8, 2005

    Well, it's a victimless hobby...

  • radlations July 15, 2005

    i want that NOFX hoody.....oh and these guys are dumass's

  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Ignorant fucking WHITE dudes this time to be fair.

  • kenshin August 27, 2005

    something i've noticed, it's always the black person that wins the fight, and always the white person that does stupid shit for.... fun?

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