Talk About Getting Owned

28,133 Views 1 decade ago

All I know is one of the fighters is Fedor Emelianenko. I have no clue who the other fighter is. I just love the kick to the face. That’s how you own someone.

  • fuku July 9, 2005

    Dude got kn0cked tha f- 0ut!!!

  • m0styles July 9, 2005

    in many organizati0ons they now dont allow kicking while your opponant is down ... or elbows , or knees to the head. gay

  • dabigbenbomb July 11, 2005

    the black dude is gary goodrich

  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Haha! Fuckin' awesome. Hammered his fucking face in. Those Eurpoean whities are some tough motherfuckers.

  • bigmantall October 17, 2005

    I fought a guy like that once. I knocked him out.

  • thespider January 22, 2010

    Yes Gary Goodrich is correct!

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