Triumph The Comic Dog In Canada Eh

Jesse U.
10,714 Views 1 decade ago
  • ramon_dekker July 9, 2005

    Real Canadians don't consider quebec part of Canada, we really wish they would fuck off and separate from us permanent but every time they try they come whining back about something or other, like they want to separate from ca but still want to use our currency, right FUCK OFF QUEBEC!

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  • burgie July 9, 2005

    Well what do ya expect they are fucking french.

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  • smooth_beaver July 10, 2005


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  • canukcop July 13, 2005

    Real Fucking Canadians eh? Half us Quebecers can't stand the fucking situation here but the fucking federal government won't help us at all. The rest of Canada turns their heads to the fucking ethnic cleansing that is going on here. Fucking Chretien gave all the power to the Quebec government so now we can't even get served in the national language... Our kids are FORCED to go to french schools... If parents disagree with the way the school system is being run, they are labeled as unfit parents.

    Canada simply just doesn't give a shit about us, they haven't since the goddamned sixties!

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  • gurtman23 July 13, 2005

    gay dog choking on a turd aint funny

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