Yummy Spiders

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I prefer my spiders deep-fried, it's the southern way. But hey, at least he knows it's fresh. I'm sure there's nothing more exciting to do over in Iraq anyways. I just love the look on his face, where he looks like the spider is choking him, classic!

  • radlations July 14, 2005

    wouldnt it be cool if the spider was radioactive and then hundreds of spiders bursted out from his belly

  • burgie July 15, 2005

    What a fucktard. ARMY stands for Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet.

  • ramyel July 15, 2005

    stupied !!!!!!!

  • canukcop July 16, 2005

    Why do you keep mispelling the word stupid, stupid?

  • scottrod July 16, 2005

    and those are the fucktards u americans have overseas, ha ha ha ha ha

  • raydafreak July 17, 2005

    Put a tarantulla in your mouth, asshole. Then maybe, JUST MAYBE I'll be impressed.

  • tudogaiman July 24, 2005

    No-no take the bird-catching fucker, they're about the size of a... something abnormally big for a spider! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

  • xzanex August 21, 2005


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