Surfer Survives Double Team Shark Attack

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, not one, but two sharks to fuck this dude up. I’m sure that he had to clean out his wetsuit from shitting himself. Or maybe the surfer just snaked the sharks on a really good wave. Know one will ever know for sure.

  • father_of_2 July 18, 2005

    ok im sick of listening to yall WHY is he a stupid fuck? for Surfin ???? lets see millions of people do it every day, but this one is a stupid fuck ?????? I guess cause not one bnut two sharks attacked him ?? you are a very brilliant person or hummmm maybe your just a stupid fuck

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  • tumblin_dice July 18, 2005

    Thaks father_of_2. That is something that has been botherin me for some time- often were watchin some stupid behavior but more often than not it's clips of people pushing the envelope & trying to accomplish something- unlike so many crazyyshiters that seem to spend a lot of time sittin around criticizing. Hey, here's a thought: How many of ya'll have even done anything worth videotaping?

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  • vanilla_cream July 18, 2005

    That's why I don't play in the ocean. I'm scared of sharks.

    I don't believe the two of you, father and tumblin, come here for the same thing as most of us. For me it's a chance to laugh at someone who did something dumber then something I did. It's a stress reliever for me. There are alot of people who have done things 'worthy' of being taped. There are several EMT's who visit. Bet they have saved a life or too. There are hospital personel, and cops, who visit too. Bet they have done 'worthy' things too. But they poke fun just like the rest of us. That's why we're here. If getting attacked by sharks makes me "worthy', no thank you.

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  • father_of_2 July 19, 2005

    I agree it is an awesome site to come and see all kinds of stuff, and some it I do laugh at, most of it makes me Cringe and say OH SHITTTTTT. But to Degrade someone for something they are trying to do is uncalled for. For exapmle someone who is trying to do a Triple flip on a BMX bike at a competition is not a dumb fuck. some one that puts a firecracker up his ass to see if it hurts when it explodes is..... I would Just like to see people use good Judgement when posting comments.... or maybe Im to " Andy Griffin "

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  • pui2e_playaz July 19, 2005

    orcasman is a stupid fuck

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  • vanilla_cream July 19, 2005

    Keep watching father, you'll stop cringing. I used to do the same thing and these pictures and don't phase me 99% of the time now. Actually it kind of scares me that this doesn't bother me anymore.

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  • squinkndeez July 20, 2005

    i wonder if there was communication involved between the sharks or if it was just a coincidence. i thought sharks were solitary animals, not pack animals...that's amazing footage

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  • killahbee July 20, 2005

    vanilla, your not alone with the shit not bothering you. I hate it too, how I can tolerate some pretty sick shit these days, what with the media, and the internet, and just the world in general as fucked up as it is now.

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  • gurtman23 July 22, 2005

    id say he dont have any luck, i mean peolpe surf for years and never get attacked this dude gets hit twice on the same day

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