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posted by Jay D. on 7/18/2005

I Hope He's Not Left Handed!

Two trucks can really rip off a arm pretty fucking fast. Did you see that thing just pop off? I cringed a little the first time I seen it, but now, it's kinda fascinating. I couldn't tell, but in the end, does it look like they shot him?
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
GAWD DAMMIT! That grossed even ME out. And yeah, they shot him. You can see muzzle gas coming from the rifles.
posted on: 07-18-05 @ 6:59 PM

Can anyone translate all the islamic titles? WTF was even going on here? Why were they doing that to this guy? Was it another dumbass terrorist thing or was this guy being punished for taking the last date?
posted on: 07-18-05 @ 7:12 PM

Bin Laden Boyz......Can’t trust ’em!
posted on: 07-18-05 @ 8:25 PM

You know what really bothers me? The fact that this shit doesn’t bother me anymore.
posted on: 07-18-05 @ 9:29 PM

Thats sick and sad what the fuck is wrong with muslims?!?!?!?!?
posted on: 07-18-05 @ 10:36 PM

hey at least it wasnt one of our boys
posted on: 07-19-05 @ 9:55 AM

Those people will go to heaven...bollocks
posted on: 07-19-05 @ 12:14 PM

mad cow
those who call those fuckers soldiers, i say bull shit,,,they are just some pieces of shit of revolution again that can manage shooting with a gun. what kinda soldier wuld wear fuckin sandales and a pink shirt. Fags with a gun thats what they are.
posted on: 07-19-05 @ 5:10 PM

Give me to the end of the week..I’ll translate for ya..I’ve got a friend in Egypt...NOT a terrorist I might add. Bad thing about these videos..makes the whole culture look bad. My friend is a really great guy and feels that guys like these should go to hell. Sad when your own country feels the same way everyone else does.
posted on: 07-19-05 @ 7:13 PM

That’s not his left arm? :D
posted on: 07-20-05 @ 10:20 AM

thats waz pretty funny lol
posted on: 07-21-05 @ 2:49 AM

where is rocky?
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 12:13 AM

muslims are fucked ppl and should be killed. Sick mother fuckers. If you have a prisoner you can kill him or exchange with for your captured prisoners but to do this shit its just sick and ppl like that should be killed.
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 4:52 AM

that was some brutal shit
posted on: 08-05-05 @ 1:00 AM

I cant see why you people find this bad, i thought it was some funny shit did ya see the muscle fall out aswell AWESOME!!!
posted on: 08-12-05 @ 9:50 AM

Makes me think back to my childhood when i pulled parts off of dolls.
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 4:02 AM

Shit man dats gota fucking hurt. Feel sorry for the dude. Dats fucking terrible. First he loses his arm. Then he gets draged on fucking dirt n then he gets shot. Thnk god they dun have dat shit here in Aus
posted on: 09-27-05 @ 11:33 AM

why has no one commented on the music? the guy singing is a right spastic!
posted on: 07-18-06 @ 11:09 PM

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