Good Karaoke Gone Bad

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I love how the police, or military does just about nothing to help this dude. Did you see the huge chunk of skull hanging off his head? They fucked his day up royally!

  • bluebiggs July 19, 2005

    can anyone translate? id be courius what the thing was all about

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  • burgie July 19, 2005

    What third world shithole country did this happen in?

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  • archemedes_rex July 19, 2005

    All I want to know, is what did that guy DO?? Rape somebody's grandmother?

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  • pernicious2mil July 20, 2005

    Nice stretcher/ambulance I'm sure thats steril

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  • moonchild69 July 20, 2005

    THANK GOD IM AN AMERICAN LIVING IN THIS BEAUTIFUL LAND OF OURS can you imagine going to walmart and some shit like that breaks out?

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  • kimmer July 20, 2005

    Jesus! What the fuck is wrong with those people?

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  • gurtman23 July 23, 2005

    does anyne know what he did? that was cool, the poor fucker had part of his head hangin off lol

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  • inyci July 23, 2005

    I think he is a chinese. Indonesian hates chinese cause they are rich and powerful in the region. They had a history of massacring the chinese. Those people are worse than barbarians

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  • tudogaiman July 24, 2005

    Sometimes u want to help poor people prosper and evolve. Sometimes u wish there was cannibalism amongst them.

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  • archemedes_rex July 24, 2005

    Sometimes u wish they would blow thier own dumb asses up.

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  • tinkdaddy September 22, 2006

    those wacky fucking thai's...and the one stands there and is like "fuck that!!!...this guy has a're on your own, man..."

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  • abizmal December 15, 2011

    this is not about indonesia vs chinese

    this is about religion, muslim vs Christian, the poor guy is muslim..

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  • signoutsam April 18, 2012

    prolly stole an apple from a local vendor..

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