Guess Who Caused The Wild Fires

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Ahh, I heard on the Stern show today, someone called in some fundraiser pretending to be Cathy Lee Gifford. And said she wanted to have "Hot Monkey Sex with Howard Stern". Yet another classic one!

  • skittletoes July 21, 2005

    hee hee was funny til she outclassed it and made it feel wrong

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  • tomslick_stl July 21, 2005

    I want to poke her... =)

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  • archemedes_rex July 21, 2005

    No sense of humor...I can't bang a broad without a sense of humor. ;D

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  • moonchild69 July 22, 2005

    WHERE IS ROCKY:{ i miss him

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  • pernicious2mil July 22, 2005

    judging by rocky's more recent post he was out dry humping a wooden cross when he got a splinter in his dick and decided to go donkey punch a marble statue of Virgin Mary and he is now in a padded recovery room....

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  • kimmer July 22, 2005

    Yeah she handled that pretty well. Not even a giggle though....

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  • archemedes_rex July 22, 2005


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  • tumblin_dice July 23, 2005

    Go tomslick! And BabaBooie to ya'll archemedes_rex.

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  • tookalook July 23, 2005

    lol pernicious, I'll try to cover for rocky k, here it goes, rocky has no freinds, homo, homo like to rape howard sterns ass oh doo dah dayeee.

    hows that?

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  • tudogaiman July 23, 2005

    Fuck's up with Stern? Man, what an asshole-prank-caller

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  • tumblin_dice July 24, 2005

    Stern has talent and charisma, that's whats up with him. The caller was probably Captian Janx, a fellow whose claim to fame is crank calls, often to live broadcasts, where he usually slips in vulgar references to Howard and his show.

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  • rockybalboa July 26, 2005

    I've missed you too moonchild(favoriteposition). And for you two (pernicious and tookashit) here goes a line I know you will definitely LOVE: "Because I´m hard you WILL NOT LIKE ME! BUT THE MORE YOU HATE ME, THE MORE YOU WILL LEARN!" Yes, Full metal Jacket :P

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  • nofleas August 5, 2005

    that was funny - and I hope Stern jumped her shit for saying the caller was 'associated' with him

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  • jgyt August 7, 2005

    It hot time in the hot hot town to npt

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