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posted by Jay D. on 7/21/2005

Broke Neck

I wonder if that guy survived that? I don't have any background on whether he did or didn't. But fuck, don't you think he would at least try to get that bungee rope from around his neck? Maybe he just thought that's how to bungee jump.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
another reason not to bungy jump - though shitting yourself was more embarrassing
posted on: 07-21-05 @ 4:51 PM

Daaaaaaammmmmnnnn! A white guy getting hung! Now that’s something u don’t see every day!
posted on: 07-21-05 @ 9:29 PM

im with ya on that d coop
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 12:03 AM

OOooOOoo thats sucks! Poor dude!
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 9:29 AM

would have been a lot funnier if he was black
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 2:09 PM

LMFAO!!!!! gurtman thats to funny!!!!
posted on: 07-22-05 @ 4:27 PM

You think it would have been funnier if he was black but it would’ve been an improvement if it was you gurtman.
posted on: 07-23-05 @ 1:20 AM

lol radya ^^
posted on: 07-23-05 @ 10:55 PM

man i bet the idiot has it all over ets neck
posted on: 07-24-05 @ 8:21 AM

I’ve jumped six times in Va.Bch.I’ll have to think twice now.
posted on: 07-24-05 @ 9:55 PM

it would have been a lot funnier if a black guy pushed gurtman off that thing.
posted on: 07-24-05 @ 10:51 PM

Jay D.
A surfer wrote in this: I just thought that you’d like to know this... The guy in the video who got the bungee cord stuck around his neck actually survives. It was close though as he was unconscious seconds after it wrapped around his neck ... which is why he couldn’t untangle it (no blood to the brain) . If I remember correctly his buddies had to perform CPR on him. I saw him on T.V. once talking about it (about 8 months ago) and he said he owes his life to his friends who saved him.
posted on: 07-25-05 @ 2:55 PM

Wow, he paid to do that....wonder if it was worth it. Do you think they gave him a refund?
posted on: 07-25-05 @ 8:29 PM

They give him shit.
posted on: 07-26-05 @ 11:02 AM

I’ve jumped twice... to think that could be me, oh well... it wasn’t so....
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 3:52 AM

You don’t have time to try and move it from your neck, it all happens so fast,Also, those cords r heavy.
posted on: 01-13-07 @ 9:47 PM

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