Rin Tin Tin Don't Like You

10,578 Views 1 decade ago

That dog almost got himself a new nose! Damm that is gonna leave a mark in the morning.

  • mad cow July 22, 2005

    stupid guy,,he will learn not to pet police dogs

  • sl July 22, 2005

    That dog shouldnt have done that with the officer right there with him.

  • archemedes_rex July 22, 2005

    I smell a lawsuit...

  • raydafreak July 22, 2005

    A white person getting bit by a police dog! What r the odds?

  • gurtman23 July 23, 2005

    yeah i always see dogs hangin on to a niggers ass, he touched the dogs throat u dont do that shit it was protecting itself and the trainer

  • tudogaiman July 23, 2005

    u go pooch! bastard must've been a pedo or somethin, u know animals have an instinct for such

  • trojen August 14, 2005

    maybe the dog thought he was hiding drugs in his mouth

  • sexykandy694 October 7, 2005

    mmmmm human taste goooooood!

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