Fun For The Office

Jesse U.
17,167 Views 1 decade ago
  • hightimeroller July 24, 2005

    Dude takes an office stapler in the arm and thinks he's mr. badass, i love how the rest of his butt buddies cheer him on like it hurt! throw this pussy

    in a tattoo chair and i bet he would be crying for

    his mommy.

  • zheyehm July 25, 2005

    maybe it would be better if he just stapled his balls into his buddies arm, maybe that would be better.

  • winks July 25, 2005

    some people are just so S..M..R..T. i mean S...M...A...R...T

  • gurtman23 July 25, 2005

    hes been watching dirty sanchez... id like to stable his head with a nail gun

  • wicked_m4 July 25, 2005

    yeah, he sure is a real tough ass. Take a chainsaw to your leg and see how tough you are, not that im braggin.

  • fatmuffinman July 25, 2005

    This is a REAL beer commercial, not a bunch of smoking hot chicks having fun. But, underage high school kids stapling carrot tops arm.

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