Is Your Cubicle Too Small?

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At first I though he was going to try to do some creepy shit to her, like to look up her dress. But I like the way that guy thinks, and I really like the way she reacted.

  • moonchild69 July 25, 2005

    is that the same guy who beat up his computer lol

  • sl July 25, 2005

    Thats funny, if i were that chick i would have done the same thing.

  • wicked_m4 July 25, 2005

    thats fuckin funny!

  • skittletoes July 26, 2005

    clever - but i dont see how the other guy didnt notice the noise of the wall being moved

  • thtsumcrazshyt July 26, 2005


  • winks July 26, 2005

    LOL..that is good...

  • archemedes_rex July 26, 2005

    That was probably staged, but it was still really funny! Also, the factory I work at builds those movable cubicle walls. And, I'm pretty sure the person on the right is a guy.

  • mentalpatient July 27, 2005

    im sure its a guy too....either that or she's one ugly strong bitch.

  • rockybalboa July 27, 2005

    It´s a fucking guy... and not too strong if you ask me. These two g.d. faggots are flirting like a couple of pigeons. Fire them fags!

  • ryah22 July 27, 2005

    lol...that was i chick thay answered??

  • sexykandy694 October 7, 2005

    they r both guys hello people u need glasses!

  • beyondskrewed January 13, 2007


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