Smoke? Don't Mind If I Do!

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Isn’t that why there are signs that say fill up containers on the ground? But I am guilty too. I’ve filled up gas tanks from the back of my pick-up. But I’ve always been standing on the ground. Also, don’t forget, stop, drop and roll baby.

  • gurtman23 July 25, 2005

    HOLY SHIT thats funny lol

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  • moonchild69 July 25, 2005

    thats awful

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  • sl July 25, 2005

    LOL, There are signs like that for a reason, Theres always one stupid ass to do it first.

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  •   wicked_m4 July 25, 2005

    good for the silly fucker

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  • skittletoes July 26, 2005

    wow - could have been worse though...or is it only movies that gas pumps blow sky high?

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  • rockybalboa July 26, 2005

    Someone could be killed by that fucking scumbag... Smoking should be prohibited, it is dangerous for every fucking one.

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  • bluebiggs July 26, 2005

    why didnt the smoke detetcor release the foam?

    btw if seena foam release before its a bitch to clean up

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  • mentalpatient July 27, 2005


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  • tumblin_dice July 27, 2005

    Hey Rocky-

    Put down the pipe dude. There was no reference to the guy smoking & it is not only prohibited but there usually are signs at the pumps aren't there? (Not doggin you, just wonderin.)

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  • rockybalboa July 27, 2005

    Yes, there are signs. But there are lots of people who disobbey them. I was referring to the title of this video. BTW I don´t need to smoke shit to withstand reality... because I AM THE REALITY. ;-)

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  • bluntforce July 29, 2005

    he has the hot set up. i'll bet next time he takes the can out of the bed.

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