The Wind Was Strong That Day

12,893 Views 1 decade ago

Ohh man! He slammed head first into that wall looking thing. I'm sure he ment to do that *wink, *wink. Except for the head slamming in the wall thing, that looked pretty fun, I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

  • mentalpatient July 27, 2005

    what a fag....what is a grown man doing flying a kite anyway.

  • mad cow July 27, 2005

    i uses kite on winter to ride my snowboard,,,,,,this guy obviously never touch one before,,haha

  • gurtman23 July 27, 2005

    what a penis

  • oklardnck July 27, 2005

    now ya know why they call those head walls in drainage ditches

  • ramyel July 28, 2005

    mabe he need the fat guy with the bike???

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