Scared The Wool Right Off 'em

14,452 Views 1 decade ago

I wanna know what in the hell they blew up? Damm, that was pretty bad ass.

  • wicked_m4 July 30, 2005

    I think I heard somewhere else that this was a weapons cache someplace in the middle east.

  • pernicious2mil July 30, 2005

    would have been funnier if it was a feild full of fainting goats...

  • tudogaiman July 31, 2005

    And there goes the Saddam residence...

  • moonchild69 July 31, 2005

    hell i would have ran too heheeh

  • sexykandy694 October 7, 2005

    i loved that it was awesome i thought the sun was rising

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