That's Just Wrong

Jesse U.
24,462 Views 1 decade ago
  • tudogaiman July 31, 2005

    Those kids are bound to be on America's most wanted in 15-20 years.. Jeezes, what a crappy dad ^^

  • andycz July 31, 2005

    sick, sick, sick, funny but sick lol

  • moonchild69 July 31, 2005

    at least it is not porno... i hit something like that when i first used the net.... and it scared the living shit out of me, i will NEVER forget that moment

  • fhwrestlr July 31, 2005

    does ne1 know what that site is, I cant seem to remember

  • tainted_bliss August 1, 2005

    um im pretty sure its not dad, probably their older brother messing with them

  • slipster August 1, 2005


    I hope this is! a big brohter playing a prank...if not and this is the farther..then hmmm...poor kids.

    A small few seconds of fun for the adult...but most likley a good 8 hours of bad dreams for those kids.

  • rockybalboa August 3, 2005

    Nice shit. Sick fuck.

  • nofleas August 4, 2005

    that was funny and you all know it.

  • tigger-grl August 6, 2005

    I just got that e-mail from a "friend", I had my speakers up listening to tunes.........scared the liven shit out me!!!!!!!!

  • kimmer August 9, 2005

    Haha! It was funny! A lil mean those kids are a lil young for that!

  • kenshin August 11, 2005

    Thank god, something that doesn't involve pooping...

  • zombiecuthroat October 2, 2005

    i remember my brother doing that to me and now i do that to my younger syblings and then passing on the torch and moonchild if i wasnt so shoure u were a chik that comment would dub you a homo

  • sexykandy694 October 7, 2005

    awwww poor little boys!

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