1 vs. 3, Who's The Badass?

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This dude seems too be a bit bigger than the other three, but he seems to handle them pretty easy. There was a few nice punches landed on the guy, but he knocked down a few of them. That's a pretty good fight though.

  • msluvly0423 August 2, 2005

    I give dude a lot of credit. He handled his shit by fightin' those three at once.

  • raydafreak August 2, 2005

    What is this shit? Fight Club wannabees?

  • tookalook August 2, 2005

    Try fighting real men, those dudes fought like fucken fairies.

  • moonchild69 August 3, 2005

    testosterone at its best

  • gurtman23 August 3, 2005


  • rockybalboa August 3, 2005

    The guy doesn´t seem so hard at the end of the video. But I know, it's not fucking easy to take on 3 guys at once using only your fists. I see no point in doing that shit. And Dbcooperative: actually Sammie could knock our asses out. She´s not a native american, but I can live with that... :P

  • tudogaiman August 3, 2005

    bitch-slap-slumber-party. or somthin

  • nofleas August 4, 2005

    Big dude looked a little psycho pissed there at the end.

  • da_game December 3, 2006

    those 3 dudes 80lbs lil guys are fags

  • daddy_fat_sack November 8, 2011

    Haha his face was priceless when he KO that rookie

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