Ladies, Here's Some Hot Stuff!

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No, this is not me, I got more moves than this dude. Plus the great state of Flor-I-duh legally banned me from wearing shorts like this.

  • zombie99 August 3, 2005

    this fatass used to be on the radio here. i think he got fired, i cant remember. and "pizza schmizza" taste like ass, "lucky" for me, theres one less than a block away. oh joy!

  • tudogaiman August 3, 2005

    HEHEHE, another fine example of law in action. The one that says only people who use/consume their products can be in their commercial ^^

  • mad cow August 3, 2005

    big fat fucker

  • zheyehm August 3, 2005

    you got served by fat bastard.

  • scissorman August 4, 2005


    what would jesus do for "pizza schmizza"


  • jwindol August 4, 2005


  • cynimyn August 4, 2005

    haha, thats pretty sick

  • tigger-grl August 6, 2005

    OMG....must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that......his ass looks like two pigs fight'n under a blanket

  • ramyel August 8, 2005

    hey look itas fatmac!!!!

  • dr.doom September 9, 2005

    I was told Jesse writes alot of the descriptions. You listen to ZZR bro??

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