Scrotum Scrub Cleaner

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I might have to give this a try, I gotta get my balls nice and shiny. And the added bonus of taking all the hair off seems like something out of a fairy tale to me. I could keep my man bush under control.

  • rockybalboa August 4, 2005

    Fucking hair in the balls is a pain in the ass to shave. Do they offer free samples?

  • winks August 4, 2005

    haha...maybe you could write them and ask...

  • canukcop August 5, 2005

    Do they have a product for stinky crack? Or a feminine version?

  • tudogaiman August 5, 2005

    ew, thats a grouse thought i don't want.. lalalalalala

  • bbeens August 5, 2005

    And for an added mess....have your wife apply scrotum scrub....OHHH sorry hun, you can clean that up too!

  • ryah22 August 9, 2005

    thats what razors are for...and wash yourself daily, you'll be good to go.

  • sonyab August 15, 2005

    Men shave their balls?

  • shadowrink September 26, 2005

    Why wouldn't they? It's nice especially for good teabaggin :P

  • uncze9 January 22, 2013

    Fuckin A

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