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posted by Jesse U on 8/7/2005

Feel The Power

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Virgin Ass Destroyed

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Stuffed to the rim with him!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
this guy is a fucking putz. i have shot a smith and wesson 500 with one hand. and i only weigh half of this fucks weight. and the sad thing is this guy probably only shot a .44 mag.
posted on: 08-07-05 @ 7:56 PM

It looked to me that he was shooting a custom target pistol. So since the pistol is custom, the load was most likely custom too. Given the large cloud of white smoke at the end, i’d say he was using blackpowder. He was either using way too much or something else went wrong. It probably was’nt his fault, it would have happened to anybody that doesnt know shit about hand loading.
posted on: 08-07-05 @ 8:21 PM

you can see more of the clip on consumption junction...he fires several shots with no problem...then this one...willing to bet it would have planted in your little brain, txxxh...
posted on: 08-07-05 @ 9:33 PM

Hahahahahahahaha.. Only in America..
posted on: 08-08-05 @ 12:19 PM

only in america????????
posted on: 08-08-05 @ 9:38 PM

hey fuckhole if you own a gun you should be able to control it. and if you can not you should throw it away. because you could end up killing someone that way.
posted on: 08-08-05 @ 9:44 PM

The sign behind him specifically says "AIM EVERY SHOT." I know that isn’t hanging there just for comical relief...
posted on: 08-09-05 @ 10:33 PM

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