Ranger Lake California

Jesse U.
24,669 Views 1 decade ago
  • msluvly0423 August 7, 2005

    Wrong on so many levels.

  • ramyel August 7, 2005

    see i couldnt do that i would always have a boner!

  • sl August 7, 2005

    i wanna go there!!!!!!!!

  • wicked_m4 August 7, 2005

    The worst one was the nude basketball. There is no way I could find time to do any of those activities, i'd be too busy chasing some of those fine titties around. And of course like Ramyel said, i'd have a major hard on.

  • tudogaiman August 8, 2005

    Fun for the whole family. But still wrong..

  • redskin420 August 8, 2005

    Between the ninja,the holy enema,and now this shit i'm almost proud to be white again.And was that a naked man with some kid or his kid ice skating.Fun for the whole family i guess.

  • archemedes_rex August 8, 2005

    It's a NAMBLA-Butterfly Kisses co-op social event. And apparently a year-round function.

  • pui2e_playaz August 9, 2005

    Is that a CHILD ? In the beginning of the video (0.04 mins) watch out for R. Kelly new porn video

  • kimmer August 10, 2005

    Looks like fun.....however some of that looks painful naked!

  • joseman August 11, 2005

    These are the vacationers that lost all their luggage at the airport on there way to this resort.

  • rx7driver September 5, 2005

    At least there wasnt any tackle football in there.

  • lanzadiamond November 12, 2005

    oh mygodits a gay cult for turning kids in to fags whot the fuck is wrong with these people

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