Nothing Like A Good Slam

Jesse U.
17,273 Views 1 decade ago
  • msluvly0423 August 7, 2005

    These punk asses are hiding their faces. A real man would fuck someone up and not give a fuck about who sees them. The saying is really true, "Idiots do run in packs."

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  • ramyel August 7, 2005

    what the hell was that all about

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  • sl August 7, 2005

    There just bein stupid

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  • tudogaiman August 8, 2005

    What a bunch of a-holes!

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  • redskin420 August 8, 2005

    Just your typical pussy ass nazi fucks with DMX for a soundtrack no less.

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  • tumblin_dice August 8, 2005

    If I recall correctly, a few months ago I heard about a trend in England of roving packs that beat people at random & there's even a name for it. How about it dbcoop- yer over that way, you heard anything about that? And btw, did you adopt yer name from the skyjacker, D.B. Cooper???

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  • jb0134 August 9, 2005

    the soundtrack would be ONYX

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  • b0b August 11, 2005

    tumblin_dice, it's called happy slapping and was pretty common in London at one stage.

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  • rockybalboa August 11, 2005

    His name comes from DB (Database) Coop (cooperative) or Cooperation. Ask him if you don´t believe me.

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  • redskin420 August 14, 2005

    Yeah your right it is ONYX.oops

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  • spuddman71 August 21, 2005

    this is a fine example of the mindless,spineless and brainless asswholes that give birth to PUNKS like this. somebody should school their parents on birthcontrol. come to my town and see what happens to ya.

    the spudd.

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