These Dudes Know How To Party

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Damm it man, these boys know how to party. I’m impressed, I mean I now have someone to look up. Do you think any of them puked?

  •   wicked_m4 August 8, 2005

    Not to sound like an ass, but I could probably do that. I LOVE Jagermeister

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  • tomslick_stl August 8, 2005

    Yeah, I drink more Jager than that when I'm out. I know I could down that shit no prob.

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  • bigidiot August 8, 2005

    I too love Jager.

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  • archemedes_rex August 8, 2005

    I'll stick to Jim Beam, thank you. And shooters. They're a little easier on the throat. And looking at the size of those guys, that's probably how much it takes just to get started.

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  • ramyel August 8, 2005

    they look ok now but wait like 20 minutes

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  • andycz August 9, 2005

    thats not that impressive, only a yankee would find that amazing. do that infront of a english rugby team and they would expect you to drink 10 beers after.

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  • crazyjorgo August 9, 2005

    yeh thats pretty soft come to australia our light beer is stronger than your full strength and man we would of finished the bottle and washed it down with a few beers

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  • rockybalboa August 11, 2005

    I don´t find pride in drinking bad liquor. What´s the fucking merit in it? To burn all nerves in your goddamn throat?

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  •   wicked_m4 August 11, 2005

    What the hell people?! Jager doesnt even burn, god damn lightweights.

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  • pernicious2mil August 12, 2005

    Do assuies have a substance called everclear? how about moonshine? nope? IC.... thanks fuck off ttyl

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  •   wicked_m4 August 12, 2005

    I just wish that everclear was legal in Pennsylvania. I guess i'll hafta stick to Bacardi 151

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  • thesku11s August 14, 2005

    Filming yourself drinking, at home?

    Wow your so cool.

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  • raptor346 August 16, 2005

    The reason Aussies dont have that Crap is becuase they have enough sense not to drink it FOOL.

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  • mrmeatkabob January 16, 2006

    And then they buttfucked each other.

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