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posted by Jay D. on 8/8/2005

Fun With Electricity

Ok, this brings up a idea that I've been thinking about. Why to power companies still hang wire instead of bury the wire? I think that would be a lot safer, especially here in South Florida and our little hurricane problem.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You probaly know that more & more wire is going underground but unless you got the infrastructure (all the pipes, vaults, etc.) it’s gotta be cheaper going through the air. Also, down in Florida I would guess the relative high water table is a consideration.
posted on: 08-08-05 @ 5:18 PM

whats more funny is the guys talking like they know there shit hahahaa i bet theyre the one that hit that line
posted on: 08-08-05 @ 9:08 PM

That sucks for the guy operating that truck.One reason why power companies dont burry the power line might be because of the type of area you live in.For me in south Seattle you see power lines everywhere but on the eastside of town its all barried.Two other things, why was his boom so high, and why dosent he have a fiber glass one
posted on: 08-09-05 @ 7:40 PM

Hell, im glad they dont bury high power lines. I work in landscape construction and we’ve already hit gas lines. So im glad that electric isnt right next to it.
posted on: 08-09-05 @ 10:19 PM

i wwonder how far it knocked the crain operator? piss on the fire and call the dogs this hunt is over!
posted on: 08-10-05 @ 10:06 PM

If the cost of fuckups multiplied by the number of fuckups that happen is still less than the cost of buried cables, then they don’t bury them :)
posted on: 08-11-05 @ 9:30 AM

IT costs more to stick them under ground and repairs take far longer because u cant see the problem
posted on: 02-14-06 @ 10:00 PM

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