Airbag Can Be Used as a Flotation Device

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Why would you even think about driving into that shit. I mean, really, it looks like a fucking great lake ahead of you, but you keep on driving. And then she falls into the water even more, that was classic!!!

  • tumblin_dice August 8, 2005

    Oh that is funny shit. Thanks crazyshit!

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  • msluvly0423 August 8, 2005

    Common sense would tell u if u see a fuckin puddle that EVERYONE IS STAYIN AWAY FROM why wouldn't u???? Dumb ass!!

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  • bigidiot August 8, 2005

    Damn that was funny, especially the parts where the old dude is yelling at her and then when she falls in...just fuckin' great!! I laughed my ass off.

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  • ramyel August 8, 2005

    ever time it rain here my road get flooded and u wouldnt believe how many people think there lil ford escorts are big moster truck i used to help them get out now i charge 25 bucks and i will tow them out hehehe

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  • burgie August 9, 2005

    Another woman driver!!

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  • powerman1972 August 9, 2005

    Dumbass people from overseas. Are they all idiots and pussies?

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  • tudogaiman August 9, 2005

    German + Woman Driver = Crazy SHIT!! :D

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  • crunk-3d August 17, 2005

    what dumb fuckin cunt, did she not see the water like fuck what a retarded fuckin whore. im glad to see she tested the true depth of the water afterwards tho

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