Bambi Probably Didn't Make It

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While I was growing up, I spent every summer in Pennsylvania, and those fucking deer aren't a joke. I had a friend that had a full size Chevy Dually and hit a deer. That fucking deer tore up his whole front end!

  • bigidiot August 10, 2005

    LOL. It looked like a buck, too. Makes me think of all the tree hugger "don't kill the deer" people. They are all about the deer 'till a they hit a deer with their car and get fucked up.

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  • singerdog August 10, 2005

    So you think enviro-types suddenly start hating deer if they hit one with a car? You are a big idiot...and your brain is very small...

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  • kimmer August 10, 2005

    we have so many of those damn things here.....usually dead all over the road.

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  • mad cow August 10, 2005

    fuick bambie anyways,,i never liked that fucker anyways

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  • rockybalboa August 11, 2005

    I say, let´s nuke the goddamn deers! nukes seem to be the answer for every fucking thing.

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  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 11, 2005

    The fuckers are elusive when you are trying to hit them. jump in the car turn on the headlites and BLAM... there they are, on your wihdshield..

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  • moonchild69 August 12, 2005

    man! that deer just came from nowhere

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  • gurtman23 August 13, 2005

    i would get out and kick the shit out of it for fucking up my car

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  • llamachick August 29, 2005



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  • rx7driver September 5, 2005

    Is that from a cop car?

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