Safety's On, Right?

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Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Well in this guy's case, idiots shoot their own damm foot. And then he's like, ohh it hurts! Well no shit Sherlock. Also, notice how his foot just explodes. That's great; I watched that about 20 times laughing.

  • tumblin_dice August 10, 2005

    Yeah, I think your right Tigerbee- probably a hoax. Not loud enough, no 'Oh my fucking God!' or 'Holy Shit!' & what is up w/ the extra shoe?

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  • oklardnck August 10, 2005

    that was bull shit the safety was on thats a ruger P89 and a 9mm or .45 is a hell of a lot louder than that

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  • kimmer August 10, 2005

    um yeah...put a loaded weapon in your pocket....DUMB!

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  • mad cow August 10, 2005

    thasts a pussy gun

    for pussy kids,,,

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  • uglyfella August 11, 2005

    Bull shit. the guy switched shoes when the camera was up. he didn't even bother to push the clean shoe that far away you can still see it right by his foot after the gun went off

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  • andycz August 11, 2005

    as my girlfriend says 'if your gonna fake it make a good job of it' that was so lame, it would of been more real if some one had shouted bang in the background

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  •   wicked_m4 August 11, 2005

    I beleive that this video was made as a safety video for school or something similar. So yes its fake and you all can stop posting why you think its fake. By the way, why would you wear a head cam if you werent plannin to do somethin.

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  • sl August 11, 2005

    Nicely said wicked

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  • tumblin_dice August 12, 2005

    Thank you Wicked for giving us permission to stop expressing our views. That's very big of you.

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  • tat2frankie August 12, 2005


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  •   wicked_m4 August 12, 2005

    Well what the hell is the point in every fuckin one saying "Fake". Yea, no shit asshole.

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  • gurtman23 August 13, 2005

    spud gun

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  • tumblin_dice August 14, 2005

    HEY DBCOOP! Your screen name was a topic of discussion. Do you care to tell where you adopted it from??? As for the vid I thought it might be a playa in Nevada. If it's your buudy Mark I'd be interested in knowing where the clip was made. Thanks.

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  • thesku11s August 14, 2005

    Definetley definetley the funniest the ive seen on this site. Ive been sparatically laughing all week when I remember that fool. God bless america the land of the backwards and hilarious.

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  • llamachick August 17, 2005


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  • rx7driver September 5, 2005

    It was def. a P-series Ruger, Maybe a P345. It was a real gun, fake scene.

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  • penguin January 12, 2007

    whan kind of gun was that my bb gun is louder than that !!!! fake waste of time

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  • damien666 June 18, 2008

    hahahahahahahaahahahahahah he blue its fot in 2

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  • militantpig February 25, 2010

    Huge fake. There would be no blood on the entry wound "ontop of his foot". Ruger was real.

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