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posted by Jay D. on 8/14/2005

Tire Shop Closed, Time To Improvise

Sure it might look redneck, and in a way it is. But you gotta ask yourself this; how did the first guy to ever do this think of the idea....
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 08-14-05 @ 2:10 PM

Thats a method sometimes used to get big tyres seated on the rim.
posted on: 08-14-05 @ 3:39 PM

Yeah, we’ve used this method already to mount skid loader and tractor tires. Its a hell of alot easier than taking them to be mounted. You can also tie a rope really tight around the rim and inflate the tire until the bead is seated.
posted on: 08-14-05 @ 6:10 PM

I’ve used a ratchet tie-down to seat a Bobcat tire, but the pyro method is new to me.
posted on: 08-14-05 @ 9:44 PM

Being a H.D. Mech. I can only say that these are not just rednecks they are fucken retarded rednecks, never do this people, Ive seen a person do that and not with wd40 it was with ether and the tire became overpressurized and blew straight up and the dick broke his arm on his own face lol, and also his jaw ya! If ya really wanna go too far try acetaline.
posted on: 08-15-05 @ 12:37 AM

I watched a dude do this on a super swamper once... only they had that fix a flat shit in there...and blam fucked the dude up....
posted on: 08-15-05 @ 4:56 PM

yep!! done that one before...works like a dream!! But it IS dangerous!! Try it if you’re drunk...that way if it goes wrong it wont AS bad!!!
posted on: 08-15-05 @ 8:35 PM

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posted on: 08-15-05 @ 9:07 PM

Tainted: You got some funny posts you perverted weasal.
posted on: 08-16-05 @ 4:59 AM

tainted i dunno if ur fuckin serious or not dude but u say sum sick and funny shit see a shrink!
posted on: 08-17-05 @ 5:04 AM

and the point of that was...........?
posted on: 08-17-05 @ 2:34 PM

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