I Bet He Wont Get Out On Good Behaviour

This fucking inmate beats the holy fuck outta that guard. Gee you think he's got some built up frustration? Pepper spray didn't even help that guy out. He must have been praying someone is going to show up soon to help out.

  • thesku11s August 18, 2005

    Fucking excellent fiends arent they?

    turn up when your almost dead then dont even help out.

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  • urbabygirl August 18, 2005

    shit! 'round here they'd shoot his ass soon as he got out of his cell!!

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  • fuzzhead777 August 18, 2005

    He Got The Fuck Beat Out Of Him

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  • ehs August 18, 2005

    There should be more places that shoot the bastards when they do this shit.

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  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 18, 2005

    damn right ehs but you all know that fuck couldnt breath right for a fucking month once the guareds got done with his ass

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  • archemedes_rex August 18, 2005

    If I can assume this happened in Britain, the inmate probably got locked in a little metal box wearing a straitjacket and a diaper for a month.

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  • tat2frankie August 19, 2005


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  • tumblin_dice August 19, 2005

    Again,... a 'white' guy getting beat by a 'black' guy. One-on-one, no homies to help him out or needed. Profs to the guard who seemed to get right back up as soon as his prisoner backed off.

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  • blue-steel August 19, 2005

    he takes a lickin but keeps on tickin

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  • devildog1 August 19, 2005

    That son of a gun is standing ohrahh m-fer

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  • bo1976 August 19, 2005

    An ass kicking every morning for the rest of his life might be nice. A Good Ass Kicking.

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  • rockybalboa August 19, 2005

    Fuuuckiiiiing! Fuuuuuckiiiiiiiiiiiing! FUCKING HOSTIIIIIILEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (guitar noise)

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  • moonchild69 August 20, 2005

    i mised you rocky, where were you :{

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  • gurtman23 August 20, 2005

    what pisses me off is the 3 dudes that came in there... why didn't they stop that shit straight away and beat his ass. cowardly bastards

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  • canukcop August 21, 2005

    Mono a mono or mano a mano

    Nice to see it for once.

    That white dude really did get the fuck beaten out of him, but that's what happens when someone who has nothing left to loose gets going. Superhuman stregnth and all....... Fuck it's late, am I making any sense?

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  • psychobug August 27, 2005

    I'd kick this guy in the balls for a week.

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  • filobedo May 17, 2006

    dude got the beat shit out of him!

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  • blowsmoke November 10, 2010

    Help is RUSHING to the scene .... shit when they got there they didn't even do anything HAHA

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  • rockinron January 5, 2011

    cave that fucking coons skull in!!!

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  • xerox December 23, 2013

    england they stop it by yelling "hey stop" what a concept.

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