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posted by Jay D. on 8/19/2005

Bull 1 Mexican 0

Do you think he's dead or just knocked out? I'm going with knocked out. That fucker got this shit whipped out of him. And what's up with the jackasses that can't throw a lasso at the end of the video? Someone take his rope away from him.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yep, knocked the fuck out. That will teach him a g.d. lesson. Maybe he sustained some spinal injuries.
posted on: 08-19-05 @ 4:58 PM

He’s Dead.
posted on: 08-19-05 @ 6:54 PM

if hes not dead hes damn lucky....
posted on: 08-19-05 @ 10:06 PM

snap back with b.c. powder it’s great for head and back pain.ooh i don’t think it will bring you back to life
posted on: 08-19-05 @ 10:33 PM

As a Massage Therapist, I think he will need a lot of therapy, if hes not dead that is.
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 12:49 AM

i really hope he is dead
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 1:18 AM

what does the stupid bastard expect being tied to a bull?! He best be dead, there’s too many stupid people in the world, we wont miss one more!
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 4:45 AM

I had to help hold down one of those big fuck off bulls when I was at my uncles house. It took eight of to hold it down, but the other 7 were well practiced. Anway, if you know what your doing you can get one portioned up and into freezer bags in less than an hour. They might look elegant in the field but if you try to do something stupid as tie yourself to one so you can ride it, you deserve to and probably will die.
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 9:41 AM

revenge for all the bulls who put up with that shit
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 3:25 PM

thesku11s well said dude, i hate these spanish bastard bullfighters ’matadors’ who make a living on killing these bulls..... fuck the spanish
posted on: 08-20-05 @ 9:45 PM

Looks like his back is broken to me...and probably some of his skull, and possibly his arm that the bull stomped on....yeah, he is screwed....he’ll never dance again. He’s gonna look real cool in a full body cast.
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 12:59 AM

Not dead but maybe the next morning wishing he was. About the only reason for me commenting on this one is because my first impression (before reading the other comments) was that this was a case of an ’entrapment’, that his foot was caught in something. To me it’s fairly would be fairly stupid to tie yourself to a bull but then after following this site for awhile...... A note to Gurtman: This I think is ’rodeo’ (goat roping, broncin bucs & the more beer the more the bull shit) rather then a ’bullfight’ where matadors ’fight’ the bulls.
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 3:03 AM

Who knows Spanish? At the beginning of the clip they have a banner that reads ’La muerte de un cancionero’. Although my high school Spanish is more like Spanglish I think it means "The fucker is dead."
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 3:13 AM

Did you see him snap around and headbutt the fucking Bull!
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 5:35 AM

Tumblin_dice> Right on, it means ’death of a bullrider".....unless my spanglish is horribly skewed.... could be, nobody speaks it up here
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 5:36 AM

i knew that tumblin.. i made that comment because ive lived in spain and hate those bastards
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 3:50 PM

stupid beaner!!! but when people are that supid hed probally felt better sticking a broom stick up his ass
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 6:26 PM

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