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posted by Jesse U on 8/21/2005

Urban Ninja Training

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
These guys...a bunch of fucking monkeys...literally...are going to regret that shit later in life....I used to run around like that ....now my back and ankles are fucked....
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 10:45 PM

you got to give these guys credit i watched a documentary on that shit they do some fucked up training i think it started in france and some politicians are trying to bann it
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 3:47 AM

Well its a much better sport than olympic speed walking. You could have some fun with the piggies too.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 7:13 AM

It reminds me of skateboarding.Not very practical(unless your being chased by a ninja or a cop.)But i was impressed.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 9:02 AM

That was fucking awesome. To assert that level of control on your body is very good. BTW I hate speed walking. They make you look fucking gay (or gay fucking).
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 9:59 AM

amateurs ..... you should see asians do these sort of things on a daily basis / part of their daily lifestyle. I grew up doing these things. When i was 5, I was jumping off the roof of my house (2 story).7 I climbed a tall coconut tree with no ropes. I mean like it’s a daily thing to do in Asia to survive. Come on, these kids are amateurs seriously. From this video... I only credit the guys who jump from rail to rail and maybe the one who backflipped the telephone poll. The rest are relatively easy.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 2:02 PM

Turn of the goddamn T.V. pui2e_playaz... A goddamn 5 year old child ainīt jumping 2 story houses... Also if you could do that you would be cast in the movie "3 ninjas fight back" (which in my opinion sucked BIG time)
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 5:02 PM

yeah its started it France, its original name was Parkour but in English everybody just calls it Free-Running aka the art of escaping the cops
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 7:01 PM

they should arrest these guys now, before they rob the 7-11,and the police wont be able to catch them
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 9:06 PM

thank was fucking cool. I’d love to see the asians do it.
posted on: 08-28-05 @ 12:35 AM

True about the asians, I got a 7 year old cousin that can catapult himself from one 10m palm tree to the other.
posted on: 08-30-05 @ 8:34 AM

I meant 20metre
posted on: 08-30-05 @ 3:51 PM

just wondering....... how many years did it take them to get it down????? lol
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 2:00 AM

silover m16 ur an idiot its an m-4 and not silver, its nickel plated you fucking moron if it was silver u’d have to replace the hammer every few shots. silver is a weak alloy and they do do that in the military just not for every soldier because it would cost too much to make such extensive training program large scale thats why its only available to the most elite of soldiers sory i burnedu comrade hail defias
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 3:39 AM

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