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posted by Jesse U on 8/21/2005

You Wanna Fight

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
a real man would have quit the first time he knocked the guy down.... besides what was the point? one time , a bitch just HAD to fight me not only did i kick the shit out of her, i helped her to her feet, asked if she had enough, then i hugged her... ohh how i miss the 80’s im a lover not a fighter but damn, dont push me to that point...
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 9:54 PM

What the fuck, is this some kind of gang initiation or what? Neither of them have shoes on who fucking fights spur of the moment bare footed... staged???
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 10:40 PM

is this a gay fight?????
posted on: 08-21-05 @ 11:27 PM

they were both probly wasted
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 12:20 AM

what a nice guy he helps him to his feet then smacks him in the mouth lol
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 3:42 AM

You gotta give the shorter guy credit. A small fatty with no muscles V big muscley martial arts expert. He’s the the real winner.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 7:15 AM

hate to say it but a all these figt clips are queer.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 8:55 AM

He ainīt no goddamn martial arts expert. He is just a bunch of muscles with no brains. This seems to be some kind of gang activity. Engaging on easy fights like these only make you a chickenshit. Ahhh moonchild I remember back then in the 80’s when I was beating Ivan Drago’s ass. I was a hero then...now I’m just a g.d. retired champion with lots of stories to tell.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 9:45 AM

yea lol rocky, gone are the days sigh
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 2:15 PM

gay and gay
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 8:59 PM

You are right Bodymodpunk, it does look like a staged Fightclub setting.....idiots shouldn’t have taped it though.
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 6:46 AM

what the fuck is with the pinching of a sack. Fucking A can’t you stop touching your selves for 5 min.
posted on: 08-28-05 @ 12:32 AM

damn me and my 11 yr old sister fight worse then that! stupid pussy ass bitches!
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 1:56 AM

Ya’ll geeks will say anything about anyone to discredit their fighting... like street fights have anything to do with honor. Grow up. That dude posted up, guarded his grill and knocked that fool out, bottom line. Kudos to dat boy.
posted on: 05-17-06 @ 3:10 PM

Thats the bloodhound gang.Theyre a group that gets drunk and does shit like this.
posted on: 07-17-08 @ 12:38 AM

i am asking the same question!
posted on: 01-12-09 @ 11:45 PM

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