What A Hot Ass!!!

Jesse U.
29,286 Views 1 decade ago

This person runs around butt naked with thier ass on fire while the news is on live.

  • rockybalboa August 22, 2005

    Fucking exhibitionists. They do not seem to fucking understand we want to see no goddamn dicks or fallen tits. This shit has to stop.

  • guyschips1 August 22, 2005

    more gay

  • moonchild69 August 23, 2005

    yea rocky, im with you... it is pretty sad when the only attention they get is by being naked, with their ass on fire... that idiot must be very lonely

  • dfyla August 23, 2005

    What up the fuck??!!!

  • ramyel August 23, 2005

    what up the fuck????????

  • cardioprincess August 23, 2005

    he wanted his five seconds of fame just a little too much, lol

  • monkeynutsryou August 22, 2006

    hes one fired up asshole

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