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posted by Jesse U on 8/22/2005

Who's The King Of The Sea

Watch this top predator in action and be fucking amazed. You'll be very surprised.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
hell yeah, that was pretty cool.
posted on: 08-22-05 @ 6:04 PM

posted on: 08-22-05 @ 8:52 PM

wow... i guess in their world it is ... eat or be eaten
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 12:58 AM

Wow, that was pretty wicked. I bet they were pretty shocked to find out the little octopus was whippin’ the shit out of their sharks! lol.....but, you would have thought they would have known the predator by the large suction marks on the dead sharks.
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 6:47 AM

I dont imagine there would be much left of the shark, by carcass they probably mean bones and a bit of tail. Im not at all surprised, they’ve often taken down ships and eaten the entire crew. Sure this ones on the small side but so is the shark. Like with most aquatic creatures, given the space and time they will continue to grow indefiniteley. Hey chips, Im getting really tired of the over and misuse of the word gay, It used to be a great way to describe cringful boy bands and morons like yourself. Stop ruining it bitch. Octupi are fucking cool, that was amazing.
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 8:39 AM

You learn something new everyday !
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 5:13 PM

"they’ve often taken down ships and eaten the entire crew"??? Fuckin hilarious dude...BTW, and this may come as a shock to you, there is no Easter Bunny.
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 6:18 PM

lol thesku11 is a fuckin idiot....this is an octopus not a giant squid u moron
posted on: 08-23-05 @ 11:04 PM

well hell i would make sure i ate the shark before they ate me!!! survival of the fittest!
posted on: 08-24-05 @ 1:34 AM

Yes, I do know the difference between a squid and octopus! I was just talking about the behavioral aspect of cephalopods. A squid that has grown to a similar size of a small marine vessel attacking it and removing bodies with its dextrous feelers and tentacles is a good comparison to an octupus attacking and eating a shark. And I’ll think you find that Celaphod’s have attacked ships, its just very uncommon for them to grow that big these days with trauler fishing and all.
posted on: 08-24-05 @ 9:53 AM

poor sharky warky! now im sad! damn octopussies!
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 1:51 AM

thesku11s> the kind of squid you are talking about lives miles below the surface and never sees the light of day. Sailors used to tell stories of creatures like the Krakken to scare younger sailors. To have effective crushing force, the squid would have to be able to wrap its tentacles all the way around the ship and then still it would have no point to leverage off of. It is also truly IMPOSSIBLE for a suid to pull a shipp under in open waters. It uses it’s tentacles and those flaps between the tentacles to move. So if the tentacles are engaged on the ship then the damned critter is going nowhere fast. The best it could do is latch on to the hull of a ship and hitch a free ride to another reef...... Grow up.
posted on: 09-03-05 @ 2:26 AM

geez hasnt neone seen pirates of the caribean 2? that octupussie was real...really gay
posted on: 08-22-06 @ 10:14 AM

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