Spank The Monkey's Monkey

Someone get some KY and rub it on the cage, this guy needs some lube. You don't want your schlong to get rust burn. Also, I love the kid's voice in the background. I'm sure someone's dad is going to have to explain this one.

  • archemedes_rex August 23, 2005

    Have you ever run alongside a picket fence with a stick? Whacketywhacketywhacketywhackety!

  • guyschips1 August 23, 2005

    gay monkeys

  • ramyel August 23, 2005

    that would have been funny if he would have came all over those people

  • redskin420 August 23, 2005

    Don't you just wish people could act like that.Well if we did we'd be behind bars too.

  • kimmer August 24, 2005

    stupid monkey

  • zonker March 14, 2006

    Damn i'm hard now

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