Jack Ass Training Center

Ok, I have changed my position on all the Jackass/CKY wannabes. I would like to encourage all the youth of today to do more of these kinds of stupid acts. I mean, I really enjoy watching these knuckle heads make asses of themselves, and possibly even causing grave bodily harm.

  • radlations August 25, 2005

    what band is that? and was that a chick or a guy with really long hair

  • p_2_tha_k August 25, 2005

    mindless self indulgence

    red sweatshirt and black sweatshirt both ugly ass boyz

  • thesku11s August 25, 2005

    That music rules, dustbin thing lame tho

  • xzanex August 25, 2005

    Stupid bastards...

  • antara August 25, 2005

    now there is some white trash :)

  • sexykandy694 September 2, 2005

    i kno seniors in my high school who will take 14 freshman and shove them in the big dumpster out saide and push them down a huge hill it leads right to a lake!

  • canukcop September 3, 2005

    c'mon we all did stupid shit when we were younger.

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