Snott Rockets

9,744 Views 1 decade ago

I’m sure this kid isn’t going to have any problems getting chicks. As we all know, chicks fucking dig guys that can blow snot out their noses and then suck it back up again.

  • frootyhooty August 26, 2005

    He sucks his dick the same way.

  • archemedes_rex August 26, 2005

    I hear he's already been hired by a Japanese game show.

  • guyschips1 August 26, 2005

    too much extra time on his hands....... oh yea, and he's gay

  • biggnigga1 August 26, 2005

    eat it.........eeeaaaaatttttt iittt........little fucker.......beat the snot out of him with the camcorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • radlations August 27, 2005

    that snot looks alot like jiz

  • mickyfinn August 28, 2005

    This poor guy is fucked. If any woman who saw this video meets this sad fuck , he is guaranteed not to get a shag. Unless he's hung like a donkey. The problem of having a big cock. A problem i have to accept everyday of my life. Yeah, i wish.

  • giveemtheboot September 4, 2005

    home sick from school

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