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posted by Jay D. on 8/27/2005

Wax That Ass

Once again those crazy japs are at it again. This time with melted wax. I have to say that they must have the best tv ever! You would never see that in America.
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Cock Sucker!

Virgin Ass Destroyed

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Stuffed to the rim with him!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Give it a few years, the Japs are always way ahead of us in the world of entertainment. (fear factor etc) You know they have a gameshow about fitting the largest object into your vagina?
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 4:24 PM

you gotta love the japs their heads are well fucked up
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 5:37 PM

I love the japs but they’re so fucked up. I can’t condone the eating of human shit, but the rest of their culture is awesome.Admit it guys. How many of you would love to fuck a gorgeous oriental woman. This is not a dig at oriental guys,but it’s rumoured they have small cocks. If this is true , oriental women are gonna love western men, if you what i mean.
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 10:42 PM

I meant to say, " if you know what i mean". I have to admit, i’m a little bit drunk. It’s a saturday night. I’ve just got home and i’m fucked.
posted on: 08-27-05 @ 10:58 PM

pussies! real men use cement!
posted on: 08-28-05 @ 11:16 AM

Cement aint hot. Do you like to gather around with some naked men and put cement on each other? Sounds kind of queer to me.
posted on: 08-29-05 @ 12:48 PM

sorry I ment assphalt
posted on: 08-29-05 @ 7:21 PM

LMAO skulls!
posted on: 08-29-05 @ 11:54 PM

Oh, you just like to give each other a bit of Ass.
posted on: 08-30-05 @ 10:33 AM

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