Who's The Man Now

Jesse U.
18,332 Views 1 decade ago
  • guyschips1 August 28, 2005

    gay gangstas

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  • jonthecableguy August 28, 2005

    White boys didn't have anything to do with this!

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  • muslimseatshit August 28, 2005

    dam no one got shot or killed. well maybe next time.we can always hope for a good old shoot out were.3or4 nigglets get a cap busted on them:}

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  • lewdakris88 August 29, 2005

    lol....he was the man on stage..... til his ass got tossed into the crowd.... dumbass

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  • thesku11s August 29, 2005

    I agree with you gaychips. Theyre was an alarming lack of pussy in that room.

    This is the reason Black people dont go to concerts.

    Oh, and I think this site has also proven that, germans, chinks, and americans eat shit. Not muslims.

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  • rockybalboa August 29, 2005

    FUCKING LOL. Skulls.

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  • archemedes_rex August 29, 2005

    Did that happen in a school gymnasium? That's one fucked up pep rally.

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  • tookalook August 29, 2005

    Muslims ARE shit!

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  • biggnigga1 August 29, 2005

    watch tumblin dice get shoved like a little bitch.....then watch as tumblin dicks oops dice gets beat up like a little bitch.....THEN REMEMBER.....tumblin dice takes it up his ass like a little bitch...... can we all see a pattern being set here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • redskin420 August 29, 2005

    FUCK THE MUSLIMS.skulls.

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  • raydafreak August 29, 2005

    This should be on Stupidshit

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  • tumblin_dice August 30, 2005

    Yeah, I see a pattern of some dumb fuck who uses a screen name of big nigga talkin shit about someone because he/she evidently doesen't have the mental capacity to make an intelligent remark & uses exclamation marks at the end of a question. There also seems to be a pattern of 'Big Nigga' proffin he has an attitude- like the big guy in the video- but I doubt that kind of guy goes online with any regularity. In short I suspect 'Big Nigga's screen name is a misnomer he is probably an insecure, obese, (5 ft 8 & about 380 lbs) loner, posing as a badass who wants to believe the persona he has adopted but will ultimitley fail. If you want to cap on me please do but at least have some basis for your comments. And if you do decide to change your screen name 'Jabba-the-Hut' may be available.

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