This Man Was Ahead of His Time

Fuck the Wheel! This man would have changed the history of the world. I can see it now; the next invention would be the ATM machine with huge usage charges. Followed closely by six-dollar Bud Lights.

  • archemedes_rex August 29, 2005

    Considering that prostitution is older than spoken language, this ad may not be far from the truth...

  • redskin420 August 29, 2005

    Why can't America have ads like that.Oh yeah, thanx Janet.

  • sl August 29, 2005

    LOL, that was funny.

  • llamachick August 29, 2005


    i look hotter

  • dj_busta_nutt August 30, 2005

    hey! i think thats my grandma!

  • bizzie1985 August 30, 2005

    haha this is an advert in britain i laughed my ass off when iseen it here, but im not sure what it all is really meant to mean though!!!!!!!!!

  • ramyel August 30, 2005

    i will tell u if you u look hotter llamachick :)

  • sparkz September 1, 2005

    wow gott love the Brits lol

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