With Today's Gas Prices, We Need One of These

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I shit you not, this is the way to go. I heard today that the gas prices are going to go up fifty cents. I’m about ready to break out the bike and start riding it to work. It’s only about 10 miles. That shouldn’t be that bad.

  • sassyjazz September 1, 2005

    someone, please find me a midget!!!

  • guyschips1 September 1, 2005

    gay midgets

  • moonchild69 September 2, 2005

    that is smart lol i want one!! ps hi mike 8 and rocky , i miss you all , i have been sick grrr but im back love moon

  • rockybalboa September 2, 2005

    I´ve got your medicine riiiiight heeere!

  • kenshin September 2, 2005

    why... that's not medicine, that's midget semen

  • sl September 2, 2005

    OH thats fucked up!! but funny.

  • oklardnck September 2, 2005

    damn im glad i have a company truck, havnt bought gas in over a year

  • canukcop September 3, 2005

    You lucky SOB

  • thesku11s September 3, 2005

    Q:When is a liquid a gas?, A:When its American.

    In britain PETROL costs 93p per Litre or £4.23/$7.79 per Gallon.

    So you just be glad your President has a special relationship with the energy industry.

  • ramyel September 3, 2005

    yea but some people hate him for that thesku11

  • mandapanda06 September 3, 2005

    Thesku11s...why don't you just shut the fuck up...no one gives a shit about your opinion on America. Get the fuck over it, and find something else to do with your time.

  • trojen September 4, 2005

    that was some funny shit

  • canukcop September 4, 2005

    1.50$ / litre or 6.00$ / gallon here in Canada my friends.

  • thesku11s September 7, 2005

    I have no opinion on america, ive never been there so how would I. I merely state a few facts here and there, usually to make people feel better.

  • nocode September 28, 2005

    wasnt that jay leno?

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